Corporate-Exposures was founded in March of 2015 with a mission to help businesses grow by providing professional photography services which will help their customers understand their products and the team better.  We understand the time constraints and deadlines business leaders deal with on a day to day basis.  We are committed to helping our clients meet their deadlines.  Jim was a licensed CPA for many years and also owned 4 small businesses.  In his role as a CPA and advisor he assisted business leaders with planning and strategic development.  Many of those skills transfer into our philosophy of running Corporate-Exposures and working with our clientele.  


We will commit to:


  • being on time - if we commit we will be there

  • quick turn around time - if we need to work at night to get the job we will do it

  • a quality product - our finished work will be to the highest standards possible

  • we are dedicated to helping you meet your objectives and will do so by listening to your needs and working hard to meet those needs


Client testimonials:

"Jim Duckworth of Corporate-Exposures is passionate about photography and that passion is clearly reflected in the outstanding quality of his work, extreme attention to detail, and high service level. The photographs he produced of our commercial interiors work clearly helps shed that work in the best light and differentiate it from the competition."

Tom Wright, President and CEO, Malone/Design/Fabrication

"Corporate Exposures and Jim Duckworth himself did a great job of capturing the unique qualities of our product which allowed us to present them in a professional informative and attractive manner. We manufacture a building product which on the surface appears to be very similar to others. Jim and Corporate Exposures helped us capture the differentiators photographically."

Ken Madren, CEO Permatherm Inc.


Examples of Edit Work:

We feel it is important to show examples of our work before and after post edit.  In the two examples below the “original” work was taken with a Pro level camera and lens.  The same file was edited in both cases to bring out the potential of the scene.




If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or call James at 404/644-4767.